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Overcoming Today’s Challenges with Vision Targeting

V-TEK, Inc. has made big strides in integrating advanced vision systems in their lineup of pick-and-place machines. These high-tech vision systems not only allow for alternative methods of inspecting and handling parts, but also allow our customers to overcome even more challenges. 

V-TEK, Inc. has implemented vision guidance in many of their machines and it has revolutionized assembly lines all over the world. One particular new product line allows for loose parts to be found on a shaker table and picked by a robot without any special tooling requirements. This improves the flexibility of the machine as it is not restricted by special tooling requirements. This allows for an almost unlimited number of parts to be run through the same machine with no extra tooling costs and less changeover time.

Another breakthrough has been using vision guidance to locate and align parts and fixtures. This allows for the precise placement of parts in tight spots or fixtures that have some inconsistency to them. One difficulty this overcomes is being able to place parts into pockets or fixtures that have tolerance issues. Being able to locate where we want the part to be placed allows for the machines to make on-the-fly adjustments to account for variations in the placement pockets or fixtures. V-TEK’s customers are using their existing fixtures instead of having to make new ones with the help of this technology.

In one of V-TEK’s more recent projects, we needed to locate a placement fixture for a part and make sure the placement area was not already filled or broken. Since the placement area was compact, and the parts were small, normal sensors used for detecting the presence of the part would have been improbable to use. In conjunction, the small chips on the placement area could be identified as broken which would have been difficult to tell with the human eye. With vision technology, it is easy to obtain a high-quality image allowing for a versatile and expandable solution. Detecting both the defects of the placement spot and detecting parts were easily handled with the vision system. The versatility of the vision system helped complete both criteria with ease.

Vision guidance is one of the ways V-TEK, Inc. is advancing their technology to overcome the problems their customers are facing.


Location Closing

In response to COVID-19 we will be closing our Mexico location and consolidating business operations to our US facilities to best serve our customers. This consolidation allows for streamlined supply chain management, efficient customer service and improved lead time delivery. Business will continue as usual, we will continue to offer services, consumable materials, equipment rental and sales.

Our Mexico Sales Representative will be reaching out to you in the next few weeks to discuss how we can continue to provide the best service to you. If you have any questions in the meantime please contact our Sales Representative located in Guadalajara, Mexico:

Leopoldo Carrillo at Leopoldo.carrillo@vtek.com.mx+52 33 1600 9126

For consumable material pricing: distribution@vtekusa.com

For packaging services pricing: packaging@vtekusa.com

For information on V-TEK, Inc.: info@vtekusa.com

We look forward to working with you and providing you with superior service and products.





2019 Novel Coronavirus Update to Operations

As efforts concerning the containment of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) expand and evolve here in the U.S. and around the world, we want to assure you that we are focused on three things:

  1. Ensuring the safety of our employees, their families and our communities
  2. Continuing to provide exceptional and uninterrupted service to our customers
  3. Supporting local efforts to limit the spread and impact of COVID-19

We have been following local and federal guidelines within our facilities to implement best practices of social distancing.This includes minimizing large group meetings, staggering breaktimes, limiting visitors into the workplace and working remotely when necessary.These measures and more have been implemented to minimize the risk to our team members and allow for continued daily operations.

V-TEK operations are continuing to run uninterrupted with a full team committed to serving all our customers. We are aware there will be many challenges yet to come but are ready and prepared to adapt our actions to face those challenges.

Our thoughts are with you as well, as we all navigate our way through this historic time.

Thank You for your cooperation and continued support. 


Mitch Jacobs


V-TEK, Inc.



Thin Is In – The Challenge and Solution of Picking Thinner Die

MEPTEC/IMAPS presents:Thin Is In – The Challenge and Solution of Picking Thinner Die, by Sarah Parrish, Senior Sales Applications Engineer, Royce Instruments

Wednesday, May 8, 2019 / 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
SEMI Global Headquarters
673 South Milpitas Blvd
Milpitas, CA 95035

To meet today’s device performance and packaging demands, devices are getting thinner at the wafer level. This trend can be seen in wide range of applications spanning multiple industries including medical devices, wearables, power devices, military/space, and automotive and multiple materials including GaN, InP, and Si. With thinner devices allowing improved performance, device flexibility, and reduced package size, implementation of this process requires a robust, high yield process for removal of the devices from the wafer tape after singulation. In this presentation the die removal process will be considered including upstream processing, tooling design, and machine process control, along with a case study for 10 x 10 mm thin die handling. This will then be evaluated against industry direction for new thin device technology and discussion of research and development areas to address these new devices.

Sarah Parrish is currently Senior Sales Applications Engineer for the Royce Instruments product line at V-TEK, Inc. Since joining Royce in 2010, her focus has been to develop solutions to the application challenges and process requirements facing customers in the back-end assembly processes of die sorting and bond testing. Sarah has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Global and International Studies from the University of California, Davis.


Christina Hogan to the position of Vice President, Global Operations.


V-TEK, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Christina Hogan to the position of Vice President, Global Operations.

“We are excited to announce Christina Hogan’s promotion to Vice President, Global Operations, where she will lead the strategic initiatives, organizational development and rapid growth of our Mexico operations. Christina’s contributions have been and will continue to be significant to the success of the US operations, this opportunity allows our global operations to benefit from her experience and leadership” - Mitch Jacobs, President/CEO of V-TEK, Inc. 

Joining V-TEK, Inc. in 2007, Christina has been playing a key role in the company’s overall performance and growth; leading organizational strategy, promoting operational effectiveness and elevating company performance through innovative leadership. Her extensive experience leading organizational transformations, driving large scale growth, strategic workforce planning, leadership development and compliance/risk management have allowed her to successfully take on additional responsibilities and demonstrate strong problem-solving abilities during ever changing economic environments.

Christina received her Bachelors Degree in International Relations with a concentration in Conflict Management from Minnesota State University, Mankato and is currently completing her MBA at LSUS.



Christina Hogan, 2018 Teresa Knutson Award Winner

V-TEK, Inc. is proud to announce that our Vice President, Christina Hogan was the recipient of the Teresa Knutson Award presented by MNSHRM (Minnesota State Council – SHRM) at the 2018 MN State SHRM Conference. Each year, the SHRM Minnesota State Council recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to the HR profession, is recognized for having made a positive impact on their community, demonstrating effortless leadership skills, whose enthusiasm is contagious, with a flair for bringing people together, who unpretentiously exudes style and charisma. The award was presented on October 14, 2018 by the current Director of MNSHRM Tiffany Kuehl during the awards ceremony dinner attended by the over 500 conference attendees and special surprise guests; Christina’s family, co-workers and Mitch Jacobs, President & CEO of V-TEK, Inc.

During the awards presentation it was also announced that during the annual elections for MNSHRM, Christina was elected to represent the State of MN as the Director-Elect for SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) for 2019-2020. The Director-Elect serves as an “understudy” to the State Council Director learning and preparing for the State Council Director role, establishing policy, strategies and objectives consistent with SHRM Board policies. Provides guidance to elected and volunteer staff who are responsible for accomplishing state and SHRM objectives.

Christina joined the V-TEK team in 2007 as the HR Manager and has held a variety of positions in the company before being named Vice President in April 2017. She plays a key role in the company’s overall performance, leading organizational strategy, promoting operational effectiveness and elevating company performance through innovative leadership. Christina has extensive experience leading organizational transformations, driving large scale growth, talent acquisition and retention, leadership development, regulatory compliance and customer management. Utilizing her experience she has been a volunteer with SHRM for over 10 years, serving in multiple roles at her home chapter SMAHRA located in Mankato, most recently as Chapter President for 2 years, previous College Relations Chair, Marketing/Social Media Chair, for the past 2 ½ years as the Treasurer for the MNSHRM Executive Board and a member of the MNSHRM State Conference Committee for the past 4 years.

We are proud of Christina’s accomplishments and fortunate to have her as part of the V-TEK team!



Holiday Closures

V-TEK and Royce offices will be closed on the following dates for the holidays!

If you have questions regarding these closures, please contact us at

info@vtekusa.com or customerservice@royceinstruments.com

November 22, 23 for Thanksgiving

December 24, 25 for Christmas

January 1 for New Year's Day


From all of us at V-TEK, we hope you have a fun and safe holiday season!


2018 Tradeshow Schedule for V-TEK


February 6-8, 2018

Anaheim Convention Center - Anaheim, CA



February 27 - March 1, 2018

San Diego, CA



SMTA Upper Midwest Expo & Tech Forum

June 14, 2018 Minneapolis, MN








See you at IMAPS 2017!

We hope you can join us at IMAPS 2017, Raleigh --

the 50th International Symposium on Microelectronics!

IMAPS Raleigh is the LARGEST Conference Program for Microelectronics,
Assembly, Reliability, Emerging Applications, Materials &
Advanced Packaging in the FALL of 2017:
3 Days, 25 Sessions, 4 Keynotes, 130+ Speakers!!

Come visit us at booth #305 to learn more about our Royce product line!



MN Valley Business Article 2017

Manufacturing Upswing: Companies adding employees

Area manufacturers are in growth mode, although ongoing worker shortages are making them work harder to attract the people they need and causing them to worry a bit about the future. Mitch Jacobs, president and CEO of V-TEK in Mankato, which serves semiconductor industries, said the future looks good. “We’ve seen a nice level of growth on the sales front and continue to see growth forward 18 to 24 months, which is as far as we can forecast.”


Jacobs, who has been with V-TEK for seven years, stepped in as president and CEO in 2016. Earlier this year KODA Enterprises Group, a private investment firm in Massachusetts, acquired V-TEK. “From an operational standpoint, it’s been business as usual,” Jacobs said of the new ownership. “What it’s given us is an injection of excitement and a bright future for the business.”V-TEK serves the semiconductor industry. “But that really touches most all industries — semiconductors in automobiles, medical devices, the consumer electronics market, infrastructure for the cellular and satellite industry,” he said. The company supplies the equipment and consumables used

in packaging chips to those industries, as well as providing the service of packaging to some of the customers. “We package them before they are made into a board. If you think of a completed circuit board, we’re packaging those chips so the high-speed manufacturers can pick and place those chips on the board automatically,” Jacobs said. “It continues to be more complex. Computing devices and semiconductors get smaller and smaller. A lot of what we do is value added in the packaging process, for example 3D vision inspection and redundant electrical testing — proving components are to specification before they’re packaged.” He said the semiconductor industry has been very strong and they’re exploring expanding their customer base, including more medical and automotive device packaging. Like most every company, keeping jobs filled takes hard work. “It’s always a challenge to find the skilled employee positions.We have a strong relationship with South Central College and Minnesota State University – Mankato, so we use those pipelines to find young, talented, skilled workers. But the job market’s been tight and we’re always looking for the next member of the team to help us grow.”

V-TEK, which has 60 employees, was started in 1985 by Dennis and Vivian Siemer. The company also has three locations in Mexico that employ 150. In 2013 they acquired Royce Instruments in Napa, California.“We have a sales and engineering office in Napa, but we consolidated the manufacturing in Mankato” Jacobs said.

* To read more, click here*



We will be at the SMTA International Show in Rosemont, IL September 19 & 20!

Make sure to visit us at the SMTA International Show in Rosemont, IL September 19th & 20th! We will be at booth # 109


2017 College Graduates

We are excited to congratulate our 2017 College Graduates, Nicole Boyd- Human Resources Generalist and Josh Friedrichsen- Engineering Intern. Congrats, Graduates!



KODA Enterprises Group Acquires V-TEK, Inc.

KODA Enterprises Group Acquires V-TEK, Inc.

Waltham, MA – April 3, 2017

For Immediate Release

KODA Enterprises Group announced today the acquisition of V-TEK, Inc., headquartered in Mankato, Minnesota and its subsidiaries, V-TEK Mexico located in Guadalajara Mexico and Royce Instruments located in Napa, California.

V-TEK, Inc., through its V-TEK and Royce Instruments product lines, is a leading manufacturer of precision packaging, inspection, and bond testing equipment for the electronics, automotive/aerospace, medical, micro-molding, and microstamping industries. They are also a major provider of precision packaging supplies, packaging services, and electronic inspection/rework. The Company will continue to operate with its existing management at its current locations in Mankato, Napa, and at its Mexico locations in Guadalajara, Reynosa, and Queretaro.

According to James H. Peden (Jim), KODA Enterprises Chief Operating Officer, “As we got to know Mitch Jacobs, President and CEO and his management team we became convinced of their ability under KODA’s ownership to continue the remarkable progress of V-TEK to further grow and develop the company and build upon its market leadership.”

“We are pleased to have found KODA to partner with through this change in ownership” said Mitch Jacobs. “KODA shares our vision of advancing our position as a global leader. This provides V-TEK a platform for growth and enables us to aggressively pursue both organic product development and those strategic acquisitions that secure V-TEK’s bright future.”

KODA Enterprises Group located in Waltham (MA) is a middle market private investment firm that concentrates on companies in niche markets that have the potential to benefit from the financial strength and operational expertise KODA provides to its portfolio companies.

For further information contact:

James H. Peden, Chief Operating Officer

KODA Enterprises Group, 423-756-8891 jpeden@koda.com


Janice Hodson, Director of Corporate Development

KODA Enterprise Group, 513-846-3864 jhodson@koda.com



V-TEK Locations


Pictured left to right: V-TEK employees at the corporate headquarters in Mankato, MN.

V-TEK employees at our Royce Instruments location in Napa, CA.

V-TEK employees at our V-TEK location in Guadalajara, MX.


V-TEK & Royce Employees Celebrate the Holidays in Style

On Thursday, December 2nd V-TEK and Royce employees celebrated the Holiday's in style with an ugly sweater contest and a potluck to follow!


Thanksgiving 2016

V-TEK International celebrated Thanksgiving with it's employees on Thursday, November 17th. Our local Hy-Vee catered the event. Our founder's Dennis & Vivian Siemer took time to thank their employees and recognize all of their hard work throughout the year and welcome our newest employees. 


Tour of Manufacturing 2016

On Thursday, October 6th, V-TEK participated in the local Tour of Manufacturing. Throughout the day, over 100 students and community members toured our facility to explore and learn what V-TEK & Royce are all about! 15 other local companies from the greater Mankato area participated in the event.

This popular annual event, gives students, job seekers and the general public an opportunity to learn more about manufacturing in our community, as well as the exciting career opportunities available to them.

This free event, which is similar to a "Parade of Homes," allows people to stop by one or more locations throughout the day to take a tour and learn about each business and see first-hand the impact they have on our region.

2016 Participating Organizations
Alumacraft Boats, St. Peter
American Artstone Company, New Ulm
Ardent Mills, Mankato
Brakebush Brothers, Inc., Wells
Cambria, Le Sueur
CrownTonka, Winnebago
Dotson Iron Castings, Mankato
Imperial Plastics, Mankato
Johnson Outdoors, Mankato
Jones Metal Inc., Mankato
Navitor, North Mankato
Nortech Systems, Mankato
Parker Hannifin Corporation, New Ulm
South Central College, North Mankato
V-TEK International, Mankato
Wells Concrete, Wells
Winegar, Inc., Waseca

More information about the event can be found at www.tourofmanufacturing.com!


A Vision Guided Robotic Packaging Solution

V-TEK International, a global leader in the tape and reel packaging machinery and processing industry is proud to announce the upcoming release of our latest system –A Vision Guided Robotic Packaging Solution.

MANKATO, Minnesota, U.S.A., July 31, 2016-- This system will utilize a 6 axis robotic arm with theta-positioning end effectors to successfully package almost any component parts or devices into a protective plastic embossed tape or trays for further processing, storage or shipment. The vision guided software allows us to pick these parts from a multitude of inputs including conveyors, bowls, trays and shaker table options without the need for expensive, part specific tooling. This system also features an open work table for configuring additional processing options to meet your specific needs. Such options include, but are not limited to, part orientation, electrical testing and 3D vision inspection.

This allows the ability to package a wide range of parts without the need for lengthy and expensive tooling changeovers. Part specific jobs can be saved within the software and retrieved upon demand. The flexibility and modularity that this system offers provides the user with accuracy and placement of high mix/low to mid volume devices.



Royce Instruments and V-TEK International Introduce New AP+

Highly customizable die sort solution offers multiple wafer and tray input options, adds output to tape and reel or tray.

NAPA, California, U.S.A., September 14, 2016 -- Royce Instruments and V-TEK International today announced the release of their new automated die sorter, the AP+. The AP+ will be showcased at the upcoming IMAPS 2016 Symposium on Microelectronics in Pasadena, California from October 10-13, 2016.

With over 30 years in the electronic component processing and packaging industry, Royce and V-TEK each bring a wealth of experience to the design table. The result is the AP+, a flexible solution that merges Royce’s capability of processing highly sensitive die with V-TEK’s most advanced taping technology.

The highly customizable AP+ offers a variety of automated input and output options while maintaining fast change-over between processes. Die input is from wafer, waffle pack, Gel-Pack, JEDEC tray or custom tray using an input map. Output options are the same with the addition of a new tape and reel system. The AP+ taper features an adjustable width track with heat and pressure seal options.

Die Sort Manager Software provides input to output traceability at the die level. Die Sort modes include pizza map or reticle mask wafer mapping, ink dot recognition and pick all die. AP+ options include non-surface die pick-up, 180 degree die flip and taper post-place vision inspection.

With its multi-project wafer mapping capability and quick-change fixtures and tooling, the AP+ is ideal for supporting medium volume, high mix environments.

For more information on the AP+, please contact Bill Coney: bconey@royceinstruments.com 



V-TEK and Royce Employees Raise Money for United Way

On Thursday, August 4th, all 8 managers (Bill Coney, Christina James, Emilie Prange, Greg Lance, Marc DeMatteo, Matt Bendlin, Mitch Jacobs and Rob Martin) were in the hot seat to have freezing cold water dumped over their heads at the company picnic. Employees teamed up to raise money for Greater Mankato Area United Way and United Way of Wine Country with an awesome incentive. Each manager had a bucket with their name and face on it displayed in both office locations during the month of July. If an employee wished to see a specific manager take an ice bath, they put their donation in that managers bucket. The top two managers with the most money in their buckets would get buckets of ice water dumped on their heads at the company picnic unless we exceeded our goal of raising $750. Because we exceeded that goal, all of our managers participated in the "Ice Bucket Challenge" on August 4th at our company picnic. All proceeds from our fundraiser went to Greater Mankato Area United Way and United Way of Wine Country. Check out our Facebook page to see more photos and videos from that day:








V-TEK International Completes Acquisition of Royce Instruments

MANKATO, MN—V-TEK International of Mankato, MN announces the acquisition of Royce Instruments, of Napa, CA.

Since 1985, V-TEK has earned a solid reputation as a global leader in developing and delivering electronic component packaging solutions. Known for reliability, performance, service and innovation, V-TEK will now combine forces with Royce Instruments, to offer additional choices of products and services for an expanded global clientele.

“The acquisition supports our strategy to grow by expanding our electronic component market presence while also increasing overall share," explains Larry Haberman, President of V-TEK. "Royce’s line of bond testers and die sorting equipment compliments V-TEK's current technology and improves customer access. The combined firm will strengthen our ability to innovate and expand our existing product lines."

Founded by Dennis and Vivian Siemer, V-TEK designs, builds and markets capital equipment sold globally to test, inspect, handle, and package electronic components. The company distributes consumable packaging supplies and also provides inspection, test and packaging services at its headquarters in Mankato, MN, as well as two locations in Mexico.Royce is a global leader in designing precision assembly tools and high-accuracy, low-force bond test equipment for the semiconductor industry.

V-TEK and Royce have thrived in their respective markets over the past 30 years. As Royce founders Malcolm and Diane Cox begin a transition to retirement, blending the two successful businesses offers a future filled with new opportunities brought about by synergies of product scope, engineering talent, and skilled personnel.

“We plan to continue our tradition of maximizing value for our customers by offering products and services that consistently conform to customers’ requirements while exceeding expectations, " said Haberman. "Royce's unique combination of engineering acumen and market knowledge built the company into an internationally respected manufacturer of testing and handling equipment. V-TEK intends to preserve and extend the Royce brand throughout the transition.”

With a combined total of more than 55 global distribution sites, localized technical service, and a dedicated sales organization delivered through a global network of alliances, the acquisition of Royce makes V-TEK poised to take innovative technologies to new markets and continue growth worldwide.

CONTACT: V-TEK International 751 Summit Avenue Mankato, MN 56001 Ph: (507) 387-2039

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