V-TEK is equipped to provide solutions for your component processing.

Specification and Processes

We specialize in tailoring solutions for a diverse customer base. Our quality control systems meet or exceed your specifications as well as all EIA and EID standards.

Our process capabilities include:

  • Vision inspection
  • Bake and dry pack
  • Film application for component handling
  • Tape splicing
  • Connector pin insertion
  • PC board repair
  • Sub-assembly preparation
  • Kitting
  • Bar code labeling
  • Component test and marking
  • Special packaging
  • Sequential taping
  • Programming
  • Drop shipment
  • Lead forming
  • Lead tinning
  • Lead straightening

Clean Room

Sensitive components are processed in our Class 10,000 clean room.

Government and Defense Applications

Our business is registered with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) for contracting and sub-contracting opportunities with government entities and defense contractors. Our facilities include adherence to several NAIC codes, including:

  • 332710—Machine Shops
  • 332995—Accesories Manufacturing
  • 333295—Semiconductor Machinery Manufacturing
  • 334519—Other Measuring and Controlling Devices

For more information or to request a quote, please send a message to: