Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Packaging Services




Yes for certain sizes of parts. Please request a quote if you are intersted in this option!

Yes, we can pick and place parts manually and automatically with state of the art machines.

V-Tek has the ability to process sensitive components in our Class 10,000 clean room.


We tape and reel all different part sizes.


V-Tek does have a $150 minimum order requirement for consumable materials.

This depends on the requirements that the carrier tape must meet. In certain cases expediteed pricing can be quoted for a custom carrier tape to be designed and manufactured in less than a week. Please contact a customer service representative for more information.

V-Tek is a distributor of 3M, Tek Pak, and Advantek tape and reel materials.

V-TEK stocks take-up that are compatible with our carrier tape selections—including both 7" and 13" reel sizes—in 8-56mm widths. Wider take-up reel option is available upon request.

V-TEK stocks cover tapes that are compatible with our carrier tape selections—including heat activated and pressure sensitive—in 8-56mm widths. Wider tape is available upon request.

Carrier tape is manufactured with polycarbonate, plystyrene, or paper materials. Polycarbonate: A black plastic material with tighter tolerances for better part capture. It is used primarily for smaller and thinner electrostatically-sensitive electrical and electronic devices. Polycarbonate carrier tape is available in non-conductive (NCPC), static-dissipative (SDPC), and conductive (CPC) formats. Polystyrene: The most commonly used material for carrier tape. It is used for larger components requiring less precise pocket forms. Polystyrene carrier tape is available in static-dissipative (SDPS), and conductive (CPS) formats. Paper: Paper tape is used for passive components, typically in the 0201 up to 1210 device size range. It is available in half-punched or press pocket format.

Customer Service

Invoices are created after your order is shipped from V-Tek, but a sales acknowledgement.

V-Tek prides itself with providing excellent customer service. Please reach out with your customer service representative and we will do our best to meet your needs, which might mean offering returns or exchanges.

V-Tek prides itself with providing excellent customer service. Please reach out with your customer service representative and we will do our best to meet your needs.

V-Tek does have an up to date ISO 9001 certification. Please see the bottom of V-Tek's "About" page for a copy of our ISO certificate.


We offer all levels of shipping with an extensive network of carriers. We do offer next day service domestically through UPS and FedEx (however at this time with COVID-19 both carriers have suspended day definite guarantees on all service levels).

We do ship internationally. Terms of off sales are FOB our dock in Mankato so we can either offer a Prepay and add service or ship using a customer provided shipper number with almost any international carrier.

Yes-we also offer LTL shipping utilizing either a carrier of your choice or if you don't have a carrier that you work with.

Yes we can ship using any customers' account number-just provide it on your PO when placing your order and our sales team will make note of it so shipping knows how to correctly route your order.

Yes-using the carrier that you specify we will arrange shipping for any LTL or even FTL if required.

Under normal circumstances in-person pick up of products is allowed however with the current COVID-19 situation we are not allowing outside people into the building. If you have an interest in picking up your items or "will call" once we can resume this service simply note it on the PO when placing your order along with a phone number to contact someone at for pickup when the order is ready and we will call and instruct you how to pick up your order from our facility

We do offer prepay and add services if you do not have an account with the major carriers. In this case we can estimate the costs but the final amount invoice will not be determined until the order actually ships from our facility.

Commercial invoices are required for international shipment and we include them as required.