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PC-250+ Manual Parts Counter

PC-250+ Manual Parts Counter

    The PC-250+ Manual Parts Counter is designed for counting devices in tape and reel, safely and quickly. Parts are handled without kinking or bending the tape. The design of the PC-250+ allows for bidirectional parts counting, subtracting when the direction of the tape travel is reversed. It also provides an excellent quality inspection platform. While counting, each pocket can be checked for proper part placement and tape adhesion.

    The PC-250+ Manual Parts Counter is a necessity if you are active in parts inventory management functions.

    This product is available for rent.

    Product Specs

    • Accepts reel widths from 8-56mm, includes 2mm pitch
    • Minimum part sizes: 2mm x 2mm or 0805 (operator/settings dependent) Device Size Chart
    • Accepts 7" and 13" reel diameters with standard arms and 22" reels when optional extenders are used
    • Dimensions: H 12" (30cm) x W 30" (76cm) x D 16" (40cm), Weight 14.5lbs (6.4 kg)
    • Power required: 120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Four AA batteries allow portability

    Features & Benefits

    • Bi-directional counting of surface mount parts in tape and reel
    • Accurate counting of any device in embossed or punched carrier tape—black or clear
    • Three button operator interface simplifies pitch setting
    • Platform for quality inspection
    • Dual hand crank for ease of operation, battery option standard


    • Reel extenders
    • Digital Microscope

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